The reference in polyethylene cleanroom packaging

Beyers’ Plastics specializes in the production of high-quality polyethylene cleanroom packaging for a range of industries that require clean and safe packaging. We focus on the biopharmaceutical and medical industry, but also serve other industries such as food, aerospace, solar energy, semiconductor and chemistry. Our packaging is designed to protect products from contamination and damage during transportation and storage. We only use the best materials to meet the specific needs of each industry.

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Cleanroom Class 7 certified plastic packaging

Beyers’ Plastics offers a range of films based on pharma grade resins, in line with industry standards for a wide range of applications. Extruded film is supplied as such for lamination purposes or converted into sheets and bags in one of our cleanroom Class 7 environments.

We offer widths from 150 mm up to 2200 mm and lengths up to 3000 mm in gauges from 20 up to 200 microns.

ISO Certified

Polyethylene cleanroom packaging

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14644-1 class 7
  • Pharmacopoeia
  • Tailormade certified products upon request


GMP compliant

Class 7 cleanroom environment

At our company, we have a team of well-trained and experienced staff who are familiar with GMP-oriented cleanroom production. We follow strict guidelines and regulations. In this way we  ensure that our products are consistently produced and controlled to the highest quality standards. And that is what guarantees an ongoing high level of quality of all our products.

All cleanroom made bags and sheets are double or triple packed for use in your cleanroom. They are individually labeled, thus allowing a full traceability throughout the whole supply chain.

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Solutions Oriented

Certified cleanroom packaging for all types of industries

We have solutions for every company in need of clean, certified packaging for their products or components. Beyers Plastics produces packaging in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials. Tailormade to the requirements of all kinds of industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, aviation and aerospace.

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