Wide range of polyethylene bags & sheets

We manufacture a wide range of cleanroom bags and sheets manufactured in a certified GMP environment.  We mitigate contamination risk by always using virgin resins, thus meeting FDA and EU compliance. Discover our range of  flat and side gusseted cleanroom bags and bag-in-bag systems, tailored to your specific needs. We offer widths from 150 up to 2200 mm and lengths up to 3000 mm in gauges from 20 up to 200 microns. All our cleanroom products are custom made and can be ISO certified upon request.


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Customised cleanroom bags & sheets

We have solutions for every company in need of clean, certified packaging for their products or components. Beyers’ Plastics produces cleanroom bags in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials, tailor-made to the requirements of many industries.

Upon request we can produce certified, sterilised packaging to meet your specific needs.

GMP compliant

Class 7 cleanroom environment

Our well-trained and experienced staff are familiar with GMP-oriented cleanroom production and guarantee high quality in our products. All cleanroom made bags and sheets are double or triple packed for use in your cleanroom and individually labeled, thus allowing full traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Cleanroom bags: the essential solution for maintaining contamination-free environments.

Full traceability

Printing and packaging

Our cleanroom bags and sheets are double or triple packed for use in your cleanroom, ensuring that they are free from contaminants. This extra level of packaging also provides added protection during transport and storage. Additionally, all of our cleanroom bags and sheets are individually labeled, allowing for full traceability throughout the entire supply chain. This ensures that you can have confidence in the quality and purity of the products you receive from us. Printing is done with Isopropanol resistant ink, in conformity with applicable EU regulations.

ISO Certified

Polyethylene packaging

Our facilities are ISO certified, guaranteeing polyethylene bags and tube for use in the most demanding cleanroom applications. Upon request, we can supply certified sterilized products, tailor-made to customer specifications.

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